A case for using Tor

The Tor Browser is a software project that improves privacy and security when browsing the internet.  It works by sending your internet traffic through many other computers on its way to your destination site in a way that makes it more difficult to track where the traffic originated.  Tor also let’s users connect to the darknet, which is the collection of web sites hosted on special software that makes it difficult to track the location of the server hosting the content.

While some people use these anonymizing services for illegal marketplaces selling drugs and contraband, others use it to shield their data from intrusive marketing or data-mining corporations, to read materials or discuss topics banned in their country.  There are even some people who require anonymity for their personal safety.  For example, civil rights activists under oppressive regimes, journalists, whistleblowers, law enforcement, and many others.

If you care about privacy on the internet, I advocate downloading Tor.  By using Tor for boring, everyday internet browsing, you are actively contributing to the security of the network by allowing the traffic of who really need anonymity to be obscured amongst a larger pool of traffic.  When the network has more traffic flowing through it, it makes it harder and more expensive to identity any individual user.  Tor is an important tool to protect privacy and promote the free flow of information.  I also encourage you to check out my other recommendations on privacy and anonymity tools.

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