Digital Identity Dapp

This project is an identity platform that allows users to own their own personal data and share it when they want. All data is encrypted and stored in decentralized storage and can only be opened by the entities who have the correct keys. Users can log in or decide to share all or some of their information like their name, location, or twitter handle, or whatever else.


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An excerpt:

This identity protocol functions as a cryptographically secure container for ourselves and our data that can act as our portal to the next generation Internet. Ownership of an account starts with owning a private key, which is akin to a more secure password. The owner of the private key is the only one with full control over the data. An address is a public facing identifier that is safe to share with others, unlike the private key. With your address and private key, you can submit transactions that get written to the blockchain. Instead of trusting a third party to safeguard your data behind closed doors, you can trust in the advanced math that secures the system, known as public key cryptography. Since the blockchain is public, you could even read the blockchain yourself and check the math if you were so inclined.

Over time, you will create a history based upon all the transactions that you have sent, contracts that you have signed, and any other information associated your account that you wish to share. This history can be turned into a reputation for your identity that you fully own. You will be able to prove your identity in any situation without compromising your personally identifiable information.

You create your online persona by having your data associated with your address and private key. You can add and edit your information like you just like you would with any other online profile.


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